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You are probably playing Summoners War, I know that’s why you are here!

There are a variety of useful resources in the game. Crystals are one of the three primary resources in the Summoners War. Every resource is helpful in each aspect of the game. While on this topic, we will mainly talk about receiving crystals with Summoners War Hack. Why? Because it is the easiest free way to get resources.

What are Crystals used for?

We all know that with crystals, you can have every other resource as well. That’s not the point! We have to write down a list of why crystals are essential!

They can be used for:
-Summoning Mythical ​creatures aka summoning of the mystics

-To refill your energy or to get Arena Invitations(acquiring them actually)

(If you use refills you will be able to increase the amount of your Energy and also Arena Invitation level – this is about the capacity)

-To purchase the „Mana Stones. “

The prices of Mana stones(without using the summoners war hack)is listed above:

Bundle of Mana




Pile of Mana




Sack of Mana




Box of Mana




Crystals can also be used

-To buy Wishes at the „Temple of Wishes. “
the price would be 20 crystals/wish

-To refresh your „Magic shop“ inventory

-Or you can use them to refresh the Match-up list (don’t waste them here)

-You can revive dead teams at the dungeon

-Extra slots for the shop of magic


Crystals are naturally paid resource and as that they are more difficult to acquire than the mana stones.

Secondary methods of obtaining Crystals

This section is probably why you are here! If you said yes, keep reading. Crystals are hard to achieve without using Summoners war hack, we all know that but is there any way to receive them for free?
There is!

This is the Summoners War hack screen

The simplest widely know ways to earn crystals are:
-Daily rewards

-Visiting Scenarios or Dungeons for the first time ( clearing them)

-Arena, World, Guild clashes or sieges

These are widely known. If you are looking for more natural ways, there is this new generator called Summoners War hack that few gamers currently know about. It is most commonly used in small groups. The generator can send you unlimited amounts of Crystals, mana points, or even glory points!

Other Resource types

Guild Points:
You get rewarded with Guild points for battles or sieges. You use them to shop at the Guild shop.


They are rewarded in the World Arena. They are used in the same way at the WAS.

Glory Tokens:

You will get them for every participant at the World Arena SL. Used for League shop.

Ancient Coins:

You get rewarded with Ancient Coins at the game events. Used for purchases at the AMS.

Shapeshifting Stones:

Shapeshifting stones are enjoyable resources. They are most commonly used for the creation of the „Transmogrification“ for any selected monsters.

A transmogrification is expensive (100 Shapeshifting Stones and 300,000 Mana stones)

Ways of obtaining:

-Cairos Dungeon

-RoW random drops

What is Summoners War Hack?

Summoners war hack is a tool developed by skilled developers from the „Hack4tron1x“ team as a gift to Summoners War players. The generator itself is not so popular because we don’t do any marketing; that’s because we don’t charge for our service. It’s 100% free.

Other features of the hack tool include the anti-ban module that provides 100% newest security models developed by our security team manager, so you don’t get banned by the admins for hacking crystals, mana points, and glory token.

Even if you generate the max amount every day, you are still safe because the system is based on ban system bypasser and it’s tested multiple times with a passing checkmark.
If you are willing to pay for crystals, then please do, it’s not essential to use the Summoners War hack. We highly encourage new users to try the game and buy resources officially to support the game makers. It takes a long time to create such a game. We know because developing such a machine like is hard too. It took us years to learn to code, but it’s paying off finally. You are probably asking yourself why we would give away such a vast amount of resources. The answer is quite simple. We generate billions of crystals daily, and then we donate a portion of that amount via Summoners War hack. The other parts we often sell to earn a living. The system is simple, there will always be resources for everyone. It’s not an unusual practice among gamers to give game valuable items to other players. That’s a natural thing to do, and it’s expected to donate a small amount to game newbies. It’s almost impossible to create a tool that makes playing the game much more relaxed and not to give some freebies to the community. We know that our community will stay alive as long as our machines keep doing their job. So if you do pay for crystals you pay for them, we can’t do anything about that.

Why Free Crystals?

If you have played Summoners War for a more extended period, you have probably realized that all the online games are pay-to-play.
That’s because the gaming industry has changed over the years, and the business model is now about subscriptions and small in-game charges.

Not everybody can acquire crystals without Summoners War hack, so that’s why we have developed this useful tool. It’s important to note that we do not intend to take profits from the game developers. The machine is aimed at players that play the game for fun and not in any competitive way. The point is that Summoners War hack is still in a developing phase so we cannot guarantee you that the updates will discontinue in the future. We will keep you updated if the tool gets update and such.
We don’t have any kind of competition because we don’t have a goal of profiting. Our real goal is to make access to the Summoners War hack quick and easy. We have never failed in creating a great tool. In the next few sentences, we will show the difference between a real generator and a fake one is. The not working machine will ask you to complete 5 verifications or even more. That’s too much, and you could never finish that much at one day. We do not require such a practice, only if you are trying to use our tool more than once a day, we will need a simple verification of 1-2 surveys. There are more complicated ways other than grinding resources naturally. We will discuss them in our texts because we want you to explore all of the methods for crystals before taking the easy way with Summoners War hack.

Tips to succeed in the Summoners War game

Don’t think that you will reach the max level or upgrades without using summoners war generator or buying crystals. Best tip somebody could give you is to keep up because it’s hard to progress in a typical RPG kind of game. That’s why the game is exciting, and you can’t have everything at once!  The summoners war community is beneficial, so make sure to check out their content. The game developer made it easier for free players to farm mobs for good drops. Do not give up instantly, keep grinding, and appreciate your effort!

Essential things you should know are the farmable units. Shanon is an excellent unit to farm because it provides attack and defending buff.

-Do not encourage yourself to spend your money if you don’t need it in the game.

Crystal usage tips

My recommendation about Summoners War hack crystal usage is to save them at least until level 40 so you can buy 750 packs. If you do not prefer that kind of way and you are impatient you can keep them for double XP boosts.

Now with many game freebies, you should not spend the crystals on small boosts, so save your crystal for better opportunities like 750 packs.

Do not try to spend all of your crystals at once. Because if you do, you risk getting a spending blockage. It happens when you try to spend too much at once. Their system detects a suspicious buy at their operation. Don’t worry if that happens, you will not get banned because they will never find out who is buying from the shop. We secured all of our system fragments. Summoners War hack made it clear to their users that there will be no problems with the security systems. The undetectable, safe, and free machine is what everyone should use. If you tried some other tools besides this one, you are probably disappointed because you did not receive anything at all.

At level 20, you will probably be able to afford a few packs. That depends on the event ratio. Four or five packs are affordable per level, so take care and don’t spend them too quick. I’ve purchased about 3-4 boxes till level 40.

Try to use hacking tools as less as possible. Why?
Because if you generate too many crystals, you will not be able to get rid of them. Therefore, you will ruin the fun part of the game. Grinding some crystals is a fun thing to do. The other problem is that if you take too much for yourself, players will start to notice and then start to report you. That will create a mass report situation, but you will not get banned because of our anti-ban systems. It’s not always the best thing to go the most natural way. What’s the point of such an exciting and complex game if you will simply click a few buttons and max out all of your upgrades?
There is no such a thing as Summoners War hack besides this one. We created a fully functional tool, not to beat the system but to make the games a little bit more accessible. The units generated are calculated at our system after we empty the resource vault we produce a fresh bunch of billions of free crystals with Summoners War hack.


  • It’s essential to get devilmons every week with your glory. Save single monsters in your defense so you can farm better available defenses.

Summoning Stones tips

I have a few rules when it comes to the summons:

Take the Four Core or so-called „The progress monsters.“They are nat4s, so I recommend saving your new money for them.
Don’t use summoners war hack before level 10 at least!
Until the time when you have the four cores, OR you could complete GB10 or DB10. In my opinion, I suggest saving stones for their rotations.

General Summoners War hack tips

  • When you start a new character first focus on forming a good team or a few of them so you can clean dungeons more efficiently without using summoners war hack or even spend money. Try spacing your fooders too.
  • Have your challenge reward ready (essences) to defeat critical PVE farming monsters. Always take monsters such as Baretta or Bella monsters.
  • Try finding experienced mentors that have good lvl 40 rep
  • Find friendly teammates (such as lvl six reps)
  • Have your mentors ready for guiding you
  • Try farming the most challenging dungeons at your level without using summoners war hack
  • Have your free refill ready (on level up) when you are low on energy.
  • All of your offensive monsters are before use Atk or cut
  • All of your speed units should use speed at level two
  • Support usually use swift abilities and sometimes violent get speed on 2 or hp on at least 4.
  • Most of them do not require defense so don’t waste your resources (unless you acquired them via summoners war hack)
  • The slot six accuracy runes are useless, in my opinion, so don’t bother them.

How to use Summoners War Hack?

Using Summoners War Hack is not as complicated as you think. We developed it so that ordinary mobile phone users (PC,iPhone, and Android) can use it without any specialized knowledge. It’s simple; you need to enter your username in the summoners war hack input box. Then pick the number of crystals, mana points, and glory points and then click generate. After the process finishes, then, you will have to pass a simple verification that includes installing 1-2 apps so that we verify that you are a human and not a bot. We do this because competition uses bots to make harmful changes to the bot. We do not recommend the usage of any other tools and wasting your time because we currently have the latest tools for summoners war hack free crystals users.
When we first started our journey, it was inevitable to start a site. We wanted to make such a machine available for everyone. It’s always a nice feeling to share a few of your valuable items with others. We try to generate as much as possible crystals daily so that we can keep up our site and tools alive. Sites like are mostly not working, and their tools are outdated. We are encouraged by the community to continuously update Summoners War hack due to the high demand for resources. The new part of the update will be out soon, and we are preparing to get the latest codes for our generator systems.

If you have any questions feel free to fill the „Contact Us“ Form!

If you don’t think it’s okay to use summoners war hack – DON’T.

We do not encourage using any of our tools without your consent.